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Why ditchyourhaypile with a Cloverdale Vertical TMR Wagon? 

  1. Advantages over hay grinding and pile

    • Save $6-10/ bale over hay grinding – replaces old mixers and eliminates hay grinder!!

    • Save 25% + of your hay compared to feeding in rings or rolling out on ground

    • Less hay waste in ground hay pile to wind, mold, heating, dirt

    • Save more flakes, have fresher feed daily, less hardware issues

  2.  Quality of materials and build quality

    • Abrasion Resistant Steel (AR 200)  Center Auger

    • TMR sidewall steel that is nearly twice as strong as other mild steel tubs.  ( Stainless inserts are also available.)

    • ¾” Floor is indestructible.  All steel on wagon is 100% USA made. 

    •  Heavy Duty rectangular tube  frame with rolling tandems for extreme durability

  3. Feed Processing, Mixing Quality and Consistency

    • Aggressive knife pattern and auger process big round bales in 5- 10 minutes

    • Auger design quickly mixes feed of all types

    • Industry leading consistency from beginning to end of load.  (Proven less than 2% variance)  ** Critical with shell corn, pellets, and medicated feeds!!

    • Mixes feed in HALF the time of reel or chain wagon, AND unloads 4 x’s FASTER!

  4.  Improved value in your operation

    • Replaces your current feed wagon AND hay grinders

    • Feed MORE cheaper, bulky roughages like corn stalks and straw that don’t fit easily in other wagons.

    • Animals will receive more consistent ration and have more uniform performance

    • 5 year warranty leads the industry and confirms the build quality of the wagon

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