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Cloverdale Equipment, LLC

The sky’s the limit.

Cloverdale offers a standard 5 year or 5,000 load warranty on the side walls, floor, auger and frame. These are the areas of a mixer that are expensive to repair and add to the overall cost of operation once you purchase a mixer. The following photos show the wear patterns at 5,000, 8,171, 9,963 and 12,469 loads on a 1100 cu. ft. Cloverdale, on a dairy operation. There are too many variables to determine what you can expect on your feeding operation. This is why we are showing wear patterns on a mixer that is nearly 7,500 loads beyond the 5,000 load warranty.

First Check Dec. 20th, 2016
5,018 plus loads, 125,000,000 pounds of feed.

Check Sept. 5th, 2017
8,171 Loads, 189,107,910 pounds of feed.

Check Jan. 11th, 2018
9,963 loads, 221,107,910 pounds of feed.

Check Jul. 9th, 2018
12,469 loads, 265,857,910 pounds of feed.

At 9963 loads you can see the auger is wearing below the hard surfacing, but still has significant metal thickness. At 12,469 loads, there is more wear, but the hard surfacing remains intact

The baffle edge is reinforced with a stainless steel guard. The photos show the baffle is intact with some wear and the progression of the floor wear.

The door edge is a great indicator of side wall wear. It tends to show the most wear because of the feed constantly pushing on the R.H. edge of the door during unloading. At 8171 loads, the door edge remains square, but starts to lose its square edge at 9963 loads. At 12,469 loads, the square door edge is worn away, but it is still attached to the floor, and does not have a sharp edge.