Cloverdale Mega Bale Carrier

Self-Loading Round Bale Carriers

  • Heavy-duty 10 or 14 Bale

  • Round bales up to 6'6" diameter

  • Pick-up wet or dry hay

  • Loading arm adj. for 4' or 5' bales

  • Walking tandem axle with flotation tires

Unload position

Adjustable side rails

Heavy Duty Walking Tandems Four 16,000 lb. spindles with flotation tires

Roller Bearing Deck

Roller Bearing Deck

Reinforced Life arm

Michael Isaak is a third-generation rancher in Dodge, N.D.

We have used other bale retrievers before and the Cloverdale is much heavier. We bought it last month and have moved about 2,500 bales so far. The best selling point is how it’s built, and it was less money.

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