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TMR Steel

"TMR Steel" is a proprietary steel made specifically for our augers. We are fortunate to have enough volume of our U.S made AR200 steel, that we can order our own special, formulated blend.

The new steel allows us to maintain augers that have maximum durability, without becoming too brittle and reduce steel flaking. It was created specifically for our augers.

There are a couple of manufacturers that offer an abrasion resistant steel in their augers. Sometimes this is offered as an option or only in some components welded on the auger. All our augers are made completely with our own specialty "TMR Steel." There aren't any weld on wear components. We do offer custom bolt on plow wings of different sizes for different rations. If your customer requires something special, we can upgrade plow wings to an even higher-grade AR steel.


TMR vertical mixer augers have unique characteristics. They need the maximum grade of high wear steel that can be formed into an efficient shape for moving feed. Most manufacturers consider the auger to be a wear component that can be replaced. Durability is sacrificed over ease of manufacturing and steel cost. While TMR augers are certainly replaceable, their cost makes this a significant investment. We are the only manufacturer to offer a steel specifically made for TMR augers and to offer as standard, a 5 year, 5,000 load warranty on the auger, side walls, floor and frame.

Our replacement augers for other brands of mixers will be made from our new "TMR Steel" as well.

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