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About Us

Boehm Ag Sales began in 2016 with a mission to sell products that add value to farmers.  Initial product sales included the RPR Concave system.  These concaves worked excellent on our own operation, and we wanted to provide them to others ready to improve their combines as well.  In 2017, Boehm Ag Sales added Cloverdale products in their livestock operation.  Cloverdale is the leader in vertical feed mixing equipment and bale handling products.  Starting in 2018, the RPR Concave system is now owned by Copperhead Ag, so we are able to be a dealer for all Copperhead Ag products.  Copperhead Ag specializes in planter and combine parts and their products are a great for farmers.  Boehm Ag Sales is powered by Wade and Shannon Boehm, with the help of our CREW of 4.

Let us know how we can help improve your operation today!

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