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The following photos are of another brand of vertical mixer with 4050 loads and 101,250,000 lbs. of mixed feed. The mixer was used for two years and nine months.

Shows the right-hand edge of the door that started out as a ¼” thick side wall. The ¼” replacement liner is positioned along side to give you a comparison of the amount of wear on the side wall.

The top of the auger flighting has bent down. The flighting should be at least horizontal to the auger tube to push feed up. The replacement screw in the background, gives you an idea of what the flighting should look like. As the flighting wears or bends down, it becomes less efficient at moving feed.

Here is another area where the auger flighting has bent down. Auger flighting can wear thin and but poorer quality steel can fold down.

More evidence of auger damage.

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